Cladding Natural Stone Tile 150 x 600


Short Description:

  • Natural Stone Cladding N44 tiles
  • First grade (1st)
  • Sold per box
  • 5 pieces in box
  • 150 x 600 wall tiles
  • Perfect for walling needs
  • Dirt and stain resistant

Our Wall Cladding Tiles 150 x 600, create a classic and elegant feel to any home. With its natural variety of light grey stone shades, it can enhance your overall home design and bring it to life. Exterior cladding tiles have the ability to protect your home from the external forces of nature as well.  Easily installed, maintained and cleaned, it’s the ideal choice for your outdoor décor needs.

*We always recommend the use of a professional for installations.

Additional information

Weight 18.6 kg
Dimensions 150 × 600 cm