Who is Pulse Tiles in the Industry?

Every house has a story of how it became a home. Our story begins with the founder of Pulse Tiles, Yahyah Gora, who had a passion to help home owners achieve their home renovation dreams become a reality. With an ambition for sales, it was inevitable that Yahyah Gora would thrive in the tile industry. Pulse tiles have grown over the past 26 years to accomplish several different wholesaler divisions aimed at providing goods to suit every customer’s needs. If you can dream it, we can supply it. Over the years, we have been passionate about delivering innovative products, luxury brands, and memorable experiences to customers. It is a company goal to provide modern and timeless interior ranging from glazed smooth porcelain tiles, from futuristic mosaic to classic ceramic tiles, and Pulse Tiles got a little something for everyone! 

Born from a Boot

From the boot of a car to CEO, Yahyah Gora prides the company around integrity and family. The firm embodies all the standards and values he used to climb up the industry ladder making it one of the leading luxury tile companies in South Africa. Pulse Tiles understands that home is where the heart is and wants you to put your trust in knowing we will make your house a home. 

Today, Pulse Tiles has forged strong bonds and relationships with our suppliers and manufactures internationally to deliver, to our customers, the most exceptional quality for the most affordable prices. Our staff are experts in their fields and assure you that we offer goods that are tailored to your needs. As a company that embraces many diverse varieties, we guarantee to provide the finest international trends available locally. When it comes to a person’s dream home, we pride ourselves on delivering our customers taste and styles through our tiles. 

Our Mission and Values

The Who and How: 

To provide service excellence and customer satisfaction through a wide range of high-quality products at revolutionary prices.

Our Values: 

Pulsing through the years

1994: The idea of Pulse Tiles and Sanware was created by the present CEO from the boot of his car. 

2008: Pulse Air-conditioning represents the Global giant- Daytek by Daewoo. Our products range from small-scale, residential air-conditioners to a variety of commercial units that are synonymous for their style, quality and affordability. 

2009: Tiles and Sanware was established and has since grown exponentially in the past 11 years. Born out of the need for high-quality, yet affordable tiles and sanware, our products are sourced from the best manufacturers in Europe, Asia and South America. 

2010: The Boards division was launched with the vision to offer our customers new and innovative home improvement products. Modern and up-to-date solutions for furniture and cabinet fabrications helped create new and unique spaces suitable for any style. 

2020: Currently, Pulse Tiles and Sanware head four different divisions of lifestyle products to tailor any customers’ needs. The company has been running for 26 years and we have not stopped innovating and improving their products and ranges for our new and potential customers. 

How we make your house into a home

At Pulse Tiles and Sanware, our main goal is to provide high-quality tiles and designs that are accessible to all our customers as we strive to provide luxury products at a fraction of the cost. Our company culture and values are centered around you, the customer, we offer honesty and expert knowledge to give you the best experience designing your home. We develop professional and competent teams who provide value and extensive expertises of our products. 


Our ability to offer quality goods at affordable prices will stay the core of our business, as we value family and making your house a home.